Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced during his daily COVID-19 update on Tuesday afternoon (April 7th, 2020) that state wide road work would move forward a planned and praised cities around the state for their community efforts to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Highlights from the briefing included:

  • Indiana's long term care facilities continue to be the hardest hit by the coronavirus.
  • Additional drive-thru COVID-19 free test sites where named, Vanderbugh County was one of the counties that were chosen. More info will be coming later this week.
  • Hoosiers remain under a stay at home order.
  • 217 awards were handed out, affecting 2085 roads and 11 bridges, from the Department of Transportation. Infrastructure repair plans will move forward ahead of schedule and expected to take less time because of fewer vehicles on Indiana roadways.
  • I-69, Sec. 6. (Martinsville to Indianapolis, I-465 SW side) will begin work soon.
  • Although there are fewer cars on the roadway, drivers are increasing their speed. Hoosiers are being asked to slow down.
  • Evansville, IN Mayor, Lloyd Winnecke, was one of three Indiana mayors to speak at the briefing about their cities efforts during the COVID-19 crisis. Mayor Winnecke described Evansville as a city full of charity, grace and kindness. He mentioned several amazing things that Evansville is doing including websites that had been set up to help with crisis relief -, and; the Grab and Go Lunch program set up for children whole they are away from school; the Evansville Independent Self Isolation Center, set up for the homeless population to rest and be tested; he praised Deaconess Gateway, Assertion St.Vincent's, and The Vanderburgh County Health Department for their continued collaborative work during the crisis and the medical help they have given the the entire region; gave a shout out to the Southwestern Indiana Chamber of Commerce website which is dedicated to helping non-profits, small business, and the unemployed with an abundance of resources and told they enter state how proud he is of the Evansville Police Department and the social distancing PSA video.

You can watch the entire press briefing below:

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