While growing up in rural Indiana, my brother and I had to make our own fun because there were no other kids around to play with. We fought like cats and dogs, but when we played, we rocked it out.

We are both very creative. You would often find us performing a scene from our favorite game show or television sitcom. We would play all of the characters and random perform for my mom’s friends. Sure we rode our bikes, but we were playing our a chase scene from C.H.I.P.s while we were riding.

One of our very favorite things to do was playing in our air band. We were a two person powerhouse rock and R&B band. I know strange combination but it worked for us. Every once in a while we would surprise our make believe audience with some Merle, Johnny or Conway Twitty. Most of the time we just played whatever was coming out of the radio.

I played the lead guitar and drums, my brother rhythm and bass guitars. Every once in a while, if our little sister was being good, we let her play air piano. She hated it, but she was the youngest member of the band so she got the leftover instrument.

I can still remember our concerts using out tennis rackets and sticks to get the full affect. I guess it want really an Air band, but it was just like this kid. He is only three years old and literally killing it mimicking the guitar player next to him. His stage presence is on point. Quite a few dull county artists could learn a thing or two from this mini master performer. This kid is a future Garth.

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