By day, Todd Schimmell works as both a School Resource Officer and a deputy of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office. When he's out of uniform, he's a husband, a father, and now a published author who drew inspiration from a devastating loss to provide hope through his poetry to others who are struggling with any number of issues.

Todd and his wife, Kirsten, are the proud parents of four young children. Five, counting young Theo, who unfortunately passed away shortly after he was born two and a half years ago. As Todd told us when we spoke with him Monday morning, doctors noticed during an examination that Theo didn't have enough fluid to allow his lungs to expand properly as he continued to grow. Their initial prognosis was that he would likely not survive, however they allowed Kirsten to carry him to term. Unfortunately, the prognosis became reality, and Theo passed away 45 minutes after he was born in the arms of his grieving parents.

Devastated by the loss, Todd put his thoughts into words, something he had been doing from time to time over the years. A process he told us helped him work through other highs and lows in his life. What spilled out on the page were words of confusion, anger, sorrow, and ultimately peace.

(Nursery Rhymes for Humanity via Todd Schimmell)
(Nursery Rhymes for Humanity via Todd Schimmell)

Check out our complete interview with Todd in the player below to find out how a friend helped him turn his hobby into his first book, Nursery Rhymes for Humanity.

Nursery Rhymes for Humanity is available now on Amazon for $12.95, and can be purchased below.

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