We all know the theme song. Heck, you probably hear it in your head right now and already hate me for it (sorry, not sorry). At some point, more likely multiple points, in your life, you've sat and put your smarts to the test during an episode of Jeopardy! If you're like me, by the end of the episode you feel so inferior to the intellect of the contestants, you wonder how you managed to pass 1st grade. On the flip side, when you do get an answer right, you wonder why you haven't been invited to join MENSA yet.

Since it's debut on March 30th, 1964, Jeopardy! has asked millions of questions to thousands upon thousands of people looking to win big money with those big ol' brains of theirs.

Of those millions of questions, a majority which can be found on the searchable database, J-Archive.com (the site has every question asked since Alex Trebek took over as host in 1984), a few thousand of them have referenced one of the three states that make up the Tri-State. Of those thousands, I picked five about Indiana, five about Kentucky, and five about Illinois to give you the chance to see how well you know the place we call home. Can you correctly answer all 15? If not, look at it as a chance to learn a few interesting things you didn't know before. Good luck!

HEADS UP: A slide containing the answer follows the slide featuring the clue. If you REALLY want to see what you know, scroll slowly so you don't see the answer before you have a chance to think about it.

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PLAY NOW: Can You Correctly Answer These 15 'Jeopardy!' Questions About Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois?

[Source: j-archive.com]

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