Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the new show on Travel Channel, Dig Wars. I assumed it would be much like Storage Wars where participants compete to find the biggest booty of the day. As the name suggests, the nation's top treasure hunters convene on one historical area and proceed with metal detecting their way across the landscape. Those whose treasure appraises for the most, win the day's challenge.

In the first episode, the teams traveled to Fort St. Philip, located downriver from New Orleans. Originally built by the French, the fort was used in both the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Several historical items were found including: a cannonball, buttons, coins and the winning team found a live artillery shell.

The duos consist of: Larry and Mike, whose accents give them away as being from opposite sides of the country; Mark and Ron, who are both from Chicago; and husband and wife team, Josh and Abby, who reside in Virginia (where the second episode took place).

As with any reality show, I immediately formed alliance with one particular team. Mike and Larry seemed genuine and the most knowledgeable about metal-detecting and historical context. Plus, Mike is my cousin and godfather so I am a little biased.

My husband and I argued over whether they plant items or if the dig is ah'natural. He said he stopped watching Storage Wars after it was leaked that items were planted in lockers. My opinion is that I'd rather watch a show full of planted items than be bored for an hour. For me, it's all in the history... and the competition. Mike and Larry took home the first episode's biggest bounty in the live artillery shell where Josh and Abby struck 'silver' in the second episode, finding a rare coin.

I think the show could use a few elements to make it really shine - first, there wasn't much background about the characters. Do they treasure hunt full time or is it a hobby? My family exchanges Mike's emails citing his exotic travels to Africa, China and other places on treasure hunts but what about the other characters?

I'd also like to hear their thoughts and historical knowledge on found pieces. Finally, I hope the producers allow the cast to develop their own characters and air the real banter that happens - unscripted and authentic is always better.

I look forward to what's in store for the next few episodes of Dig Wars - all in all, a fun way to spend a Wednesday night! Catch Dig Wars, Wednesdays at 10|9c on the Travel Channel!