Eight State Troopers were enjoying lunch this afternoon when an anonymous person picked up their tab.

Eight Indiana State Troopers were enjoying a nice lunch today (2/5/2020) at Los Tres Caminos in Evansville. They were informed their bill had been taken care of by someone who wished to remain anonymous.  Sgt.Todd Ringle took to Twitter to thank the anonymous person:

Vanderburgh: This afternoon eight troopers were enjoying lunch at Los Tres Caminos on US41 near Old State Road when an anonymous person paid their entire tab. We appreciate their kindness and support. Thank you so much!

Sometimes the world can seem like such a dark place, and that's why I like to take time to highlight the good when I can.  There's still so much good in the world, you just sometimes have to look for it. This is a great reminder to be kind to each other, and take care of one another.  You never know how much one small act of kindness could mean to someone.

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