People are shocked that not everyone has an internal monologue.

Have you ever been through your day and catch yourself having a conversation with yourself but it's all in your head? Like you aren't talking out loud. This is strictly in your head but you can hear yourself? Yes? No? I don't.

The other day I received a phone call from my sister after she tagged me in this topic on Facebook. I had no idea what she was talking about. I had to call her again last night to explain it to me for the millionth time. I just didn't understand it. My sister and I share the same parents, we have the same blood type and couldn't be more related if we tried. I always heard we were night and day (behavior wise) and this is one of those instances. See, my sister HAS an internal monologue. I do not. She is still flabbergasted by this news that I don't and I am freaked out that I don't. I asked her if I should be worried, because I feel inadequate.

You see, I talk to myself daily, but out loud. I have conversations out loud and when I think of something I am saying it out loud and not in my head. My sister is opposite. She will stare off into space and have conversations with herself about life, the kids, anything that comes to her mind of what she should do and why. For me, it's the opposite. People will always ask me what I am staring at and what I am thinking if I am being quiet. I always reply with nothing and people think I am being passive but that's not true. I literally am not thinking anything it's just blank.

This whole thing has had me research a ton the last 24 hours so I decided to share how two sisters can be almost identical but completely different! Granted, we aren't twins but close enough and scientifically speaking, we are totally different yes but we both thought we "thought" the same way!

Do you have an internal monologue?

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