Everyone in my family has been struggling with a cough. It'a a cough that just seems to linger on forever. On Sunday my sister had a coughing attack at church so she went to the restroom and missed most of the mass.

One of my very favorite kids, Drew, has been suffering with a non-stop, horrid, house rattling, gagging, nasty coughing. I'm quoting his mom, Crystal. A friend of hers told her to give him some marshmallows to help stop the cough. What?!?! Marshmallows? No way.

Yes, way. Crystal posted on her FB page that she is a believer because Drew is sleeping quietly.

I guess there is something to it. After researching Marshmallows and cough, I found that Marshmallow Root can actually help you body in a lot of ways.

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You can get marshmallows just about anywhere. Short on time? Try Target car side pick up!

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