The Cadbury Egg Bunny, much like the Aflac Duck, Spudz Mackenzie, Morris the Cat, and others, is an iconic animal made famous through the product they were "hired" to help sell. And now, you're pet has the chance to get their 15 minutes of fame as the next face of the popular Easter candy.

For the second year in a row, Cadbury is looking for a new animal to become the next Cadbury Egg Bunny. Last year's winner, Henri the Bulldog, is stepping aside to give another pet the opportunity to show off their acting chops, and their owner an extra $5,000 in their bank account.

"Tryouts" are open now through the Cadbury website. All you need to do is upload a photo of your pet, and in 280 words or less, tell a brief story about why you think they'd be perfect for the part by February 24th, 2020. Putting bunny ears on your pet isn't required, but the website does offer a pair of virtual ears that you can slap on their after you upload your photo if you'd like.

After the the submission deadline pass, Cadbury will whittle things down to a set number of semifinalists, and open up the video submission part of the contest. Finally, after that deadline comes and goes, they'll put all the finalists up for America to vote on. The winner will star in this year's commercial, and you'll pocket that $5,000 prize.

The contest is open to all types of animals, according to Better Homes & Gardens, last year's entries included dogs, cats, "a gecko, a raccoon, a horse, and a bearded dragon." We have a bearded dragon and a hedgehog at my house, so maybe I should look into this. An extra five grand would come in pretty handy. Plus, wouldn't you buy Cadbury Eggs after looking at this face?

(Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)
(Ryan O'Bryan Instagram)

Good luck! And, if you're pet finds themselves as one of the finalists in a few weeks, let us know. We'll be more than happy to help spread the word and encourage people to vote for them.

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