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A British survey company has the internet going insane over an announcement that Britain's Prince William, the future King of England, was the Sexiest Bald Man Alive. Fans of bald celebrities including Stanley Tucci and The Rock, were outraged by the company's  statement, and I have to admit, I was too.

So, I went to Facebook to defend the sexiest bald man I know.

How was the Sexiest Bald Man determined? According to a new study by British company called Longevita. You think they might be a bit partial? LOL. Price William is the sexiest bald man because he's been described as sexy 17.6 million times in Google searches.

The Prince was followed by boxer Mike Tyson with 8.8 million,  actor Jason Statham with 7.4 million rapper Pitbull with 5.4 million and basketball legend Michael Jordan with 5.3 million.

It's nothing against Prince William, he looks great bald, but I have some bald favorites that didn't even make the top five on the survey. Not counting my hot bald husband, here are my eight bald and sexy favorites. I think you will agree with me.

8 Sexy Bald Guys That Are Not Prince William

Bald men from sports and entertainment that are too hot for hair.

Now, last but not least...

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 7.10.10 PM



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