During my life, I have moved a total of 15 times. I swear will never move again, but I probably will. Except for the fist time I moved when I was four, each time I moved was exciting, but nightmare. The packing and unpacking, I hate it.

You would think that with moving that many times, I would be an expert at everything that has with it. I will say, when it comes to packing and labeling boxes, I AM a pro. The one thing that really annoyed me where the little things like hanging pictures. I would have me face scrunched up against the wall, leaving a make-up print for me to clean, just to try and see the hook to hang the string or wire on. If only I would have known about this hack and many more things you can do with a fork.

Who knew a fork could be so useful in so many ways. (Other than eating my fettechinni alfredo LOL)

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