I'm currently wearing pyrite in a pendant around my neck. At times, I've switched it to smoky quartz or malachite, as the need arises. There are many more at our place.


Say what you will about the properties of crystals, but I can honestly tell you I never felt more productive until after I embraced the energy I get from them. As a part of my spiritual life, I consider them necessities. This whole entire peace and a heretofore absent level of confidence are partly a result of this welcome change in my life.

Someone who sort of "coached" me in that direction, perhaps without totally realizing it, is Chaney Mayer--a home health registered nurse, patient advocate, and close friend--who will be realizing a dream in March of 2022 when she and her partner Jan Alvey launch a new sensory immersion studio called SolGood.

So what IS sensory immersion?


Well, I could fumble around in the dark with an explanation, but I think I'll let Chaney explain it MUCH better than I could:

1)You can absolutely advance the state of your Physical and Mental health with mindfulness, intention, and by allowing yourself the freedom to feel your feelings without guilt or shame.
2)Healing our Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies, as well as our Physical bodies, is imperative to achieving optimal health.
3)Patients gain more healing benefits from Physical Medicine when it is incorporated into a Holistic Wellness framework that also addresses inner emotional landscape and potential barriers to healing.
4)Everything is Energy. We are literal energetic beings (think cardiac contractions, muscle impulses, neurotransmitters) in a Universe made of more potential and kinetic energy. Although it remains unseen, it's still there and it's malleable; we can channel and manipulate our energy and the energy around us in many ways.
5)Learning to integrate energetic practices into your daily routine that encompass Mind, Body, and Spiritual wellness are necessary to achieving the homeostasis state necessary to heal.

Chaney is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science degree in nursing. Jan has a master of science degree in occupational therapy and is a registered yoga teacher. And together they hope to help create new, positive, and productive energy for prospective clients.

It would certainly make Chaney's inspiration for this endeavor quite proud.


That would be her grandmother, Marian, who like so MANY grandmothers came equipped with myriad nicknames, but Chaney's favorite is also mine. She called her "Greasy Granny" or just "Greasy" for short. I love that.

Chaney shared a story with me about growing up around a beautiful and exciting elder who played the ukulele, the kazoo, and the harmonica (like MY grandmother); collected marbles and Hot Wheels; and introduced her grandchildren to the Monkees and the Judds.

Chaney also shared memories that were highlighted by stimuli to all five senses--eating Pudding Pops from Greasy's icebox, watching the tall grass sway on her grandmother's property as a storm approached, feeling the warm breeze while enjoying the tree swing, hearing Grandma Med's (another nickname) eerie old weather radio, and the smell of the grass as she collected balls that had escaped nearby Golfland.


Chaney's grandmother's inspiration will be the reason she and Jan will help so many others break free from the seemingly inevitable NEGATIVE energy that pervades their lives through sensory immersion practices and, as Chaney says, "a bit of coaching."

It's called SolGood and it becomes available in March.

A big tip of the hat to Greasy Granny or Memaw Med.  And thank you Chaney and Jan. We're all looking to remove ourselves from the negative auras that have crept into our lives the last couple of years.

It's time to cleanse the senses.

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