Josh Turner will be making his return to the Tri-State this Friday (February 25th, 2022) for a show at the Old National Events Plaza and took a few minutes out of his schedule to chat with me about a few different things, including how his signature, unmistakable voice came to be. As it turns out, it's not all thanks to good genes.

Before I spoke with Josh on the phone, I hit the internet to do some research on him to help me find a few things to talk with him about. Google gave me the standard results when I typed his name into the search bar; a link to his website, links to his music videos, etc. But, what caught my eye was the section labeled, "People Also Ask..." just below the link to his official website. Specifically, the first question listed. It read, "Why is Josh Turner's voice so deep?" I think I let out a little chuckle because I thought it was an odd question. I've always assumed he was just blessed with good genetics. After thinking about it a little more I realized there must be more to it or people wouldn't be looking for the answer.

It turns out there is, and it could have ended his singing career before it started.

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When Josh and I connected over the phone recently, I shared the story of how I found the question after exchanging the standard pleasantries and asked him to give a little more detail on what happened. We also spoke about his first-ever Christmas album which was released late last year, how he spends his free time when he's not writing music, and what we can expect when he takes the Old National Center Events Plaza stage on Friday.

Take a listen to the complete interview below.

Tickets are still available for Josh's show at the Old National Events Plaza box office and through Ticketmaster.

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