What began as quality family time for an Indiana father and his children turned into a horrific scene as he was gunned down in cold blood as they left a Chuck E. Cheese Sunday evening.


The incident took place around 5:30 at the Chuck E. Cheese location in the Washington Shoppes shopping plaza on East Washington Street in Indianapolis. According to multiple media outlets in the Indianapolis area, including ABC affiliate WRTV-TV, 34-year-old Anthony Tinnin was leaving the restaurant with his three children, ages three, five, and eight when an unknown suspect or suspects opened fire. Tinnin was found in the parking lot and pronounced dead at the scene when officers arrived.

The gunfire also shattered many of the restaurant's windows forcing other families inside celebrating birthdays or simply enjoying pizza and games to hit the floor and take cover.

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The Scene Inside

A woman who was inside the restaurant celebrating a 2-year-old's birthday party at the time of the shooting described the scene to NBC affiliate, WTHR-TV as "chaos" as people began grabbing their children and attempting to find cover or an exit.

Investigators with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department are still gathering evidence in the case and believe the shots were fired from the parking lot into the restaurant based on what they've gathered so far. They currently have no suspects in the case and are asking residents to share any information they feel may lead to their identity. Tips can be submitted to the IMPD by calling 317-327-3475 or e-mailing Detective Lottie Patrick at lottie.patrick@indy.gov.

[Sources: WRTV-TV / WISH-TV]

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