Kids on social media is a constant concern for parents. Whether it's negativity, bullying or preditors, it feels as if we have very little control over what our kids are seeing online. We try to filter out the bad, there are even special parent controls for that, but it still feels like  we are running on a parental treadmill just trying to keep up.

SnapChat has added a new feature that makes things more helpless than ever. After you read about it, you will want to uninstall that app from your child's phone.

The bad new is that the website,, reports that SnapChat has added a new feature, in it's Discover section, called Cosmo After Dark. From the looks of the screenshots on the website, the new feature is exposing your kids to sexual content and at times porn. The feature is associated with Cosmopolitan Magazine and Cosmo explains the feature like this....

It's an X-rated weekly edition that goes live every Friday at 6 p.m. and is exclusively dedicated to all things hot and horny.

Ok, well then....ok. SO, you see what I'm talking about? Now, I'm sure that Cosmo intended this to be for adults only BUT, When you can't really filter the app to make it do ONLY adults can see it, it's a bad idea. The only thing that might help is if the birthday, of the user, is entered correctly.

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