Mallory Ervin is a small town girl from Morganfield, KY who has experienced a lot from Miss America to the Amazing Race. Ervin has taken small town girl to the big city of Nashville, TN and expanding her brand through social media, especially her YouTube channel.

As we all know, YouTube has created so many of today's celebrities. I mean, look at Justin Bieber! In the last couple years, a new generation of "YouTuber's" have become even more popular. These YouTube personalities have grown to being household names for their brand and content. So much so that small town girl, Mallory Ervin, has become a household name and spends time with A-listers in Nashville.

Recently on her channel, she did a vlog on her mother's kitchen! Trust me, it's AMAZING. Her mother had wanted something different after 20 years and so many people loved it and wanted all the scoop and if Mallory Ervin designed it. Ervin decided to do the vlog and revealed a local designer from Evansville was behind this amazing white kitchen.


As I was watching I was stunned (but not surprised in the least) that one of my friends was the designer! Brittney Schipp is a designer from Enjole Interiors here in Evansville. Brittney has done so many renovations and custom projects for clients but this one has to take the cake. In the vlog Ervin tells her audience all the brands she knows and even credited two locally owned businesses right here in the tri-state, Enjole Interiors and Fehrenbacher Cabinets!

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