Today is Opening Day of baseball. What better way to get excited for the season than by watching some of the best baseball movies of all time?!

It doesn't matter if you are a Cubs fan or Cardinals fan. We all know a good baseball movie when we see it. So, I have compiled my top ten favorite baseball movies of all time to get you into the baseball spirit (as if you weren't already). Now remember, this is just my opinion here. It's not a fact that these are the best movies, but it's hard to argue that they aren't pretty darn good!

Without any further ado, here are my favorite baseball movies of all time. Let's see how they fair against yours:


  • 10

    Trouble with the Curve

  • 9

    A League Of Their Own

  • 8

    Field of Dreams

  • 7

    Bad News Bears (2005)

  • 6


  • 5


  • 4


  • 3

    Angels In The Outfield

  • 2

    The Sandlot

  • 1

    Rookie Of The Year

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