If you've seen any of Guy Fieri's Food Network or Discovery + shows, he comes across as very likable, funny, friendly, goofy, and very punny. But it appears that there is a second side to the Mayor of Flavortown and that's the all-business Guy. This has led to Guy being named the 'King' in The Land of Flavor in his first-ever Super Bowl ad.

You can't be a successful restaurant owner without being very particular about your product, brand, and who you hire to follow through with your vision. For the past several weeks six contestants have been going through training and challenges in hopes of owning their own Chicken Guy! franchise. Yes, the grand prize of 'Guy's Chance of a Lifetime'  is to be the owner of a brand new restaurant and join the Guy Fieri chicken empire.

Throughout the competition, we see a different side of Guy. The down to business, serious, and quite frankly a bit harsh. Some of the feedback actually made 2 of the contestants cry. My husband said he would like for the 'Nice' Guy to come back. Again, you can't be as successful as he is without setting the bar high and keeping his team accountable.

It's been a week since the winner of 'Guy's Chance of a Lifetime' was announced, and tonight we will see both of those sides to guy or 'Guy Sides' as I am now calling it...You can laugh.

In his first-ever Super Bowl ad, we see a little bit of both sides of Guy Fieri - The Mayor of Flavortown becomes the King in the Land of Flavor

Chicken Guy! is a casual, order at the counter restaurant specializing in Guy's special chicken tenders and 22 different sauces. There is also a mac & cheese side, fries, salads and for dessert, you'll want a Flavortown milkshake.

I won't spoil it for you and tell you who won and who flew the coop, but I can tell you that the other contestants were offered the $40,000 franchise fee to be waived if they would like to open their own Chicken Guy!. You can watch it on Discovery +.

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Chicken Guy! is a franchise, which means, for the right person, and the right amount of money and perfect location, you could own a piece of the Fieri fortune. If we had Chicken Guy! in Southern, Indiana it would be Winner, Winner - Chicken Dinner!

Guy Fieri has 17 different brands of restaurants, with locations all over the world. You can even enjoy one of Guy's signature burgers at sea on a Carnival cruise. Downtown Flavortown in Pigeon Forge will be the first of its kind.
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My pallet is very 'Kid menu' friendly, but I'll sit and watch Triple D all day. Now, not only has the show never been anywhere really close to us, it's been at least 9 years since Guy has filmed in Indiana. That in itself should be a crime. So, let's spread the word, and get these local eateries some national attention

Disney Springs location of Chicken Guy!

Liberty at Chicken Guy
Liberty at Chicken Guy

Give me all the mac & cheese


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