If you are a Post Malone fan, you know about his love of Olive Garden. He loves it so much, he introduced Jimmy Fallon to their delicious, buttery all-you-can-eat breadsticks.

Turns out, that's not an act - Post really does enjoy some Olive Garden when he gets the chance. Over the weekend, he played to a sold out crowd in Indianapolis, and took some time out to eat with the Olive Garden family.

Post Malone with Margo Blair Harczynski

Margo Blair Harczynski was in the right place, at the right time, and was able to grab a pic with Post Malone, as he left Olive Garden. She had taken her grandson, Cohen, out to eat for his 8th birthday, which is what landed them at that Olive Garden. Margo told me that she did try to get some video, but she was stopped by his security. That totally sounds like something that I would do.

Here's her account of their meeting:

After dinner they took him out a side door and pulled the blinds down. I went out of the building and around the corner to find him. He was so polite! I tried to get tickets to his concert but they were extremely expensive! I guess it was my lucky night!

Post Malone with Margo Blair Harczynski

I'm pretty sure that Margo is just lucky in life. She went on to tell me about some other pretty cool encounters that she's had.

I also was on the Ellen Show and won tickets. We came back and were lucky enough to be the first Group for her Christmas giveaway! Amazing gifts and and airfare and a week in Jamaica all inclusive! My daughter and I were interviewed for her new show Ellen’s Game of Games but did not make the cut! Also we go to Aruba yearly and lo and behold, one night out to eat, I ran into Pat McAfee, he was our kicker for the Colts. I went up behind him while he was having dessert with his girlfriend and gave him. Big bear hug! I’m just s fun person and do anything! Guess thats what keeps me young!

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