Dogs get themselves in the craziest positions. Whether they are playing or just snuggling up in a comfortable sleeping position, the awkward and sill positions they get themselves into will make you shake your head and laugh out loud.

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Dogs do the darndst things

One of our dogs, the one that most recently just showed up in our yard, likes to sleep on top of her own head. By that, I mean she will get all comfortable to fall deep asleep by tucking her snout underneath her arm and chest, right in her armpit. I'm nor ven sure how her neck bends like that. She must have a double-jointed neck/spine.

Watching her awaken from that position is like watching a pretzel unravel. Each time, it looks like we might have to untangle her.

Her name is Luna because she is white like the moon. But lately, Luna stands for a bit looney or lunatic. LOL

This dog, from Barbourville, KY, reminds me of our dog, Ruby, who always needs to be swapped in a blanket. Now, she has never tried to wrap herself in a sofa cover, like Ava, but if she could, she would. Probably get the same results, too. Just like Ava, she would find herself in quite the pickle and a struggle to get out.

Take a look.


Ava's owner had this today about their awesome, loveable, and goofy dog in Viral Hog via Rumble.

Our rescued dog, Ava. She was found as a stray with a broken leg that healed incorrectly and we fostered her during her amputation/healing period and then adopted her. She loves to dig to make her spot comfy. She also loves blankets. In this case, she used the couch cover at our house to make her own blanket. It ended up looking like the couch was giving birth to her as she tried to worm and wiggle her way out of the predicament she got herself into. It was far too funny even to consider being upset over it, and dogs often do silly dog things like this. Ava has a fun personality, so we expect goofy moments like this from her on the regular.

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