There's an inflatable waterpark in Ohio that you have to add to your summer bucket list!

It's hot outside. Like insanely hot. You need a nice place to cool off in this heat. There are several options for you to do just that. However, there's a place in Ohio that would be a unique and perfect place to beat the heat this summer.

Aqua Adventures Waterpark

Middletown, Ohio is home to a giant inflatable waterpark, known as Aqua Adventures Waterpark. In case you were wondering where Middletown is, it is located about 35 miles north of Cincinnati along I-75. For those of us here in the Evansville, Indiana area, that's about a four-hour drive. Once you see this inflatable waterpark, you might want to load up the family for a road trip to Middletown.

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Aqua Adventures Waterpark has a massive inflatable obstacle course on top of a lake. It's a beach and waterpark all in one! According to their website:

Our inflatable floating obstacle course includes 65 pieces that range from launch pads, to cliffhangers, to halfpipes, and action towers! First, you’ll swim out to a starting point and start your journey across inflatable bridges, twists and turns, and of course, at any moment that cool refreshing water is just waiting for you to slip up and start again! Come cool off and try your hand at this adventurous thrill-seeking experience for all ages! Don’t forget the HUGE climbable iceberg,  smack dab in the middle of the lake! We have our main course, which is for all guests that are 43 inches or taller. We also have a smaller miniature course for all the lil’ adventurers that are 42 inches or shorter!

Aqua Adventures is also home to Ohio’s largest inflatable slide which stands at 36 feet tall!

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More Than Just an Inflatable Waterpark

If the inflatable obstacle courses aren't your thing, Aqua Adventures has much more to offer than that. You can rent out inner tubes for you to relax and float away all day, or you can rent paddle boards too. They also have a gaming area that includes ping pong, cornhole, volleyball, and a brand new VR ride! After that, try out

There's even fun to be had for the little kiddos in your family at Aqua Adventures' Kids Zone. According to their website:

The kids zone is ready for all of those newborns, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary schoolers!  Splash pads, sandy beaches, and birthday parties, oh my! Our kids splash pad has 10 slides, which is sure to take you on a new adventure each time! What’s more traditional than making awesome works of art in the sand? We’re sure your kiddos will have a blast trying to replicate the Edinburgh Castle, or the Pyramids of Egypt in our beautiful, sandy beaches located in multiple areas of the park!

What About Food?!

You are going to be hanging out at the beach all day. You're going to want to get something to eat and drink, right?! While you are there, you will want to visit Aqua Lounge. That's where you will find tropical drinks, adult beverages, and a full food and drinks menu including Pepsi products, chicken salads, cheeseburgers, and finger foods.

As I was doing my research on this place I discovered something that literally made me yell "NO WAY" out loud. On top of the menu items that I just listed, they also offer some restaurant foods from Lee's Chicken, and my favorite pizza restaurant of all time, Cassano's Pizza! If you have never heard of Cassano's, it's a staple in that area of Ohio that my family and I have gone to since I was a baby. I tell everyone that it is my favorite pizza, and the fact that I can enjoy it at Aqua Adventures makes me want to visit the waterpark this summer even more!

You can learn more about Aqua Adventures and what they have to offer by clicking here!

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