I hate to sound so depressing and negative right now, but as a parent, I often worry about the world I brought my children into. Many people are so unforgiving, unhinged, and mean these days, and trying to raise responsible and caring children in this type of environment is a daunting task. I can only hope having a happy childhood will be enough to shelter them from a downright scary world.

Brookfield Zoo in Chicago Locks Down Due to Potential Violence Threat

As I sit here still speechless and heartbroken over the violence that took place in Highland Park on the 4th of July, I see the latest headlines about the threat of violence that Brookfield Zoo in Chicago received today...

All zoo visitors were locked down while law enforcement thoroughly searched the grounds and were finally released, safely, around 8 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Law enforcement officials held a press conference shortly after the zoo had been cleared and confirmed that a female "threatened to do harm to herself and others at the zoo".

Perhaps my view of humanity is shaded by rose-colored glasses, but I truly cannot understand why anyone would threaten to put CHILDREN in danger!

Obviously, this person is extremely troubled and I really hope they get the help that they need, but these situations are happening at an alarmingly increasing rate. Is any family outing truly safe anymore? Something needs to change in the world, and it needs to change FAST. 

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