Cats are the strangest domestic animals. It seems like they have all kinds of quirks and crazy behaviors. Just like people, no two are alike.

We have one cat that sleeps facedown with her face buried in the couch. No blanket, just the couch cushion. Then when she's awake, she asks to be pet, but then changes her mind as soon as you touch her.

Another of our cats is either sleeping, hiding, or growling at all things, even objects in the room. She will also only be held if you hold her so she can look over your should, chest to chest. If you hold her any other way, she freaks out.

Our other cat, (I know what you're thinking, three cats are too much and you'd be right) is the most loving of them all. But, he invades personal space. He wants you to hold him like a baby and rub his belly like a dog. He also wants to kiss our cheeks and lick you on the lips. He is almost too sweet.

But, we love them all, even with all of their quirks.

When I saw this video on Rumble, I thought of all of the awesome and mind-boggling craziness of cats and how much I love them. The video reminds me of someone getting the tongue stuck to a metal pole like in A Christmas Story. It's too funny. She just keeps licking and getting her tongue stuck.

CLemintine is from Shepherdsville, Kentucky. This is what her mom had to say about the unusual behavior when it comes to sweaters.

Clementine the cat tries to groom her owner’s sweater while they cuddle but her tongue keeps getting stuck in the fiber. When she gets loose, Clementine tries to groom again with the same result.



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