I was in church on Sunday morning when I heard the news about the shooting in Orlando from our Pastor. As the digital managing editor of seven good-size radio stations, it's my job to always know when breaking local and national news happens. But, after a night of being vomited on by my child, oversleeping, and then rushing to church, I somehow just missed it. While we were praying for the lives lost and families who woke up to tragedy, my phone started buzzing with texts and it finally hit me how massive this event was and is.

I've listened to and pondered on the political candidates who stepped right over bodies and used the tragedy as a platform for their own agendas and campaigns. I've read nasty comments on social media that spout blame and shame. Religious, social, and political views are thrown at each other like dodge balls in an elementary school gym. But, none of this is shocking to me any more. A man called my three-year-old daughter a "little bitch" last week because I said I wouldn't let her play with a toy semi-automatic weapon. That didn't even phase me because I am used to it.

I am becoming numb and almost immune to hate-filled speech, personal agendas, and even mass shootings. And, that's a problem to me - a big one...

I was having trouble processing this event because thankfully the good Lord made me an Emotional Empath - I'm highly aware of, and feel deep compassion for the feelings and emotions of others. I didn't know these people but I can't help but feel grief for the violent way their lives were ended and the anguish their friends and families are experiencing.

It wasn't until I saw a shared video from a friend on Facebook that my tornado of sentiments and perspective all started to make sense. Leave it to funny-man Jimmy Fallon to sum up what we all need to hear in the wake of a tragedy like this one.

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