Illinois has many different unique landscapes, but there is a small section of the Land of Lincoln that has been dubbed the "Garden of the Gods" and it is glorious.

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Illinois has a bad wrap for being "boring" it is often said that Illinois isn't beautiful, that Illinois is just corn and Chicago. Well if you are into big cities Chicago is one of the most beautiful looking cities in the world, and if you like looking at corn, Illinois has plenty of good looking corn for you to check out. BUT Illinois is also home to a place that is so beautiful it is called the "Garden of the Gods"

According to the website the "Garden of the Gods" is located in Illinois' Shawnee National Forrest, which is located at the southern tip of the state. You can see more pictures of the "Garden of the Gods" by clicking here! On the website they say this about the Garden...

"This area has been in existence for millions of years and features a rock formation shaped like a camel and the amazing Devil’s Smokestack. The Observation Trail contains more sandstone rock formations and views of the entire Garden of the Gods park."

It really is incredible to think that this spectacular natural wonder is located just a couple hours south of us here in Quincy, it looks like it is something that belongs in New Zealand or something. Just is a great reminder that Illinois, and the Midwest in general, is a lot more then just a handful of big cities and a bunch of corn.

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