As the Digital Managing Editor here at Townsquare Media, my computer is my lifeline. I have used both PC and Mac and I have to tell you, my choice is Mac (FOR SURE). It last longer and works better. Period. But, that's not what I'm here to tell you about.

My Mac is about seven years old now. She works great but I have to change out the mouse pad, the battery, and now the cord. I looked down yesterday and it was bending in a way it wasn't meant to and the cords became exposed. Since I carry it in my backpack every day I knew that was probably the biggest source of the wear and tear.

Save your Mac's cord from this! Photo by Ash

So, I ordered a new cord and also looked around for a solution to keep the cord organized. I found the Sidewinder on Amazon. With extenders (that come with it) it will fit just about any Mac Cord. It's easy to put together and easy to use. To pull out the cord, you pull both sides of the cord and to pull them in you turn the handle in the middle. It's not perfect technology yet, but MUCH better than what I had before! I'm kind of spoiled with my crock pot retractable cord! Ha!

Anyway, if you need a computer, the Mac is the way to go and make sure you spend the $30 and get the Sidewinder to save your cord from damage!