We saw him first. But we're happy to share. Our great friend, the immensely talented Andy Brasher has been featured in a nationally published blog.

I have been following Andy and listening to his music for more than a decade. He's been touring around the country ever since and has developed quite a following everywhere he's been.

Today we got the amazing news that no less than Billboard.com, the online arm of the world's number one music industry magazine, has published a feature about Andy.

We're so excited.

And, immediately--from the headline, we know that Billboard has been following Andy's career.

The Billboard piece is focusing on Andy's first solo project in 14 years, Myna Bird, which features the single, "21."

Myna Bird was co-produced by Harry Lee Smith four-time Grammy winner Ross Hogarth and was recorded at Nashville's Blackbird Studios.

Andy says he is "superexcited." And we join in his jubilation.

On a personal note, Andy is my friend and I just couldn't be prouder of someone who has absolutely worked his butt off for his music.

He visits the studio as often as he can to share new material and now a much bigger door has flown open.

We can't wait to see what happens next.


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