My whole life, candles have made me feel better. Mom was obsessed with candles. She had candles everywhere and it annoyed my dad so much. It was so funny hearing them bicker about how many she had and how she was going to burn the house down.

Even today, candles give me a warm and peaceful feeling. Certain smell combinations give me different feelings. I have to say the until I saw these candles, they never made me laugh.

The candle company, has found a way for candles to crack us up, which is there best way to feel better fast. The company has taken incredible combinations  of scents and paired them with hilarious names. Its a double whammy of feel good.

Check out the candles Bossy Pants Candle that best represent how 2020 has made us all feel. SO funny.

If 2020 Were A Candle, It Might be One of These Hilarious Candles


Bossy Pants Candle makes many more of these hilariouisly named candles, but the names are a little risqué. Let’s just say they aren’t family friendly. But, even more hilarious. See them all HERE!

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