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Richard Vody was pissed, or hungry, or both...He went to his friend's place in Cook County and they had words. The friend and his girlfriend were just hanging out with all there body parts fully attached until Richard showed up. Oh, Richard...

The argument reached a head, or an ear? Vody leaned into dude and bit half his ear off.

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Here's the gross part, as if that wasn't gross enough. With the help of police, the FOLLOWING DAY they were able to recover the rest of the man's ear. WTH! A day later, "well the ear has got to be here somewhere..." Again, a police officer's work is never ever, truly done. Let's go search a house for part of some guy's ear? No thanks.

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Vody posted his $250,000 bond....So he's a wealthy ear biter? The full list of charges were as follows:

  • one count of home invasion
  • one count of aggravated battery
  • one count of domestic battery
  • one count eating a dude's freakin' ear

No word on if there was an apology between friends and if the body could even hear it if there was.

I think it's kinda funny that the mugshot of this fella has a nice BIG SMILE. Exposing the weapons of choice?

Cook County Jail
Cook County Jail

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