My dad turns 85 tomorrow and he will be the first to admit, he has "I'm in my 80's" moments...Unlike Chicago White Sox Manager Tony LaRussa, My dad recognizes these things.

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David Lee

In last nights White Sox vs. Dodgers game, Tony LaRussa made a decision during the game that has the casual fan all the way to the baseball "genius type," scratching their heads.

With the White Sox pitcher on the mound and a 1-2 count on batter Trea Turner...Tony signaled to WALK HIM. So with two strikes on a batter, you walk him.

Ramon Purcell

Tony's explanation after the game was that the next batter, Max Muncy was a lefty...and Max has had a pretty rough stretch at the plate too, recently. Again, there was TWO STRIKES on the batter.

So let's start right here, what did Muncy do when he walked to the plate? I mean besides feel offended and get pissed? (Listen to the announcers try to figure out what's going on)

So you walk a guy on a 1-2 count to get to this fella and he goes yard. WTH.

So here is my favorite part...The reaction of hitter Max Muncy as he rounds the bases. His reaction that is captured in this video, priceless: (NSFW)

So with such a bas decision by manager Tony LaRussa, what will the management of the Chicago White Sox do? Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING. White Sox fans get "old guy" decisions for the rest of the year.

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