Let's say you're sitting at home, getting ready to watch a movie, or binge watch a few episodes of some show on one of the many streaming services you subscribe to and you want to enjoy a snack while you veg out. But you can't quite decide if you want something salty, or sweet. Both sound good. Really good. Thanks to the makers of M&M's, you don't have to decide. You can have both.

Mars, Incorporated, makers of the popular (and delicious) M&M's candy have unveiled a new "Chocolate Popcorn" flavor. According to Hip2Save, the candy is essentially the Crispy M&M's, which feature a piece of crispy rice cereal in the center, but the candy coating has a buttery popcorn flavor to it. To my knowledge, this is the first time M&M's have tweaked the flavor of the candy coating.

The new flavor is only available for a limited time, so if you see them and want to try them, grab them. They might not be there next time. They're currently available at select Walmart's around the country which includes, according to Brickseek.com, includes the all super center and neighborhood market locations in Evansville, as well as the Newburgh, Boonville, Princeton, Henderson, and Owensboro locations.

[Source: Hip2Save.com]

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