Who doesn't love a trip to the Smoky Mountains?  There's always something fun to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  But did you know there's actually some haunted history in that area?  It's true, and there are haunted ghost tours to tell you all about it.

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Our intern Maddie recently told me about the ghost walks of Gatlinburg, and I had no idea this was even a thing! I mean I know all about ghost walks, I love our local ones, but with all of the times I've been to Gatlinburg, I didn't know they offered them there.  I did a quick Google search and if you're interested in learning about the haunted/spookier side of Gatlinburg there are a few different options.

There's the Ghost Tour of Gatlinburg, Ghost & Haunt Tours of Gatlinburg, and Appalachian Ghost Walks.  All of which have something unique they like to offer to their various tours.  According to the Ghost Tour of Gatlinburg's website, there's a famous hotel in Gatlinburg where a gruesome murder took place, and legend has it a security guard and woman still haunt that very hotel.  And according to the Ghost & Haunt Tous of Gatlinburg's site, there's a rich supernatural history in Gatlinburg that many don't even realize exist.  These tours all sound like great ways to really learn about the famous mountain town we all know and love.

I personally love this kind of stuff! I'm a huge fan of ghost tours/haunted walks, mostly because I just find it interesting. I also like these types of tours because it's a fun way to learn about history while adding a spooky spin to it, and in my mind where it's Halloween 24/7, that's my kind of history lesson.  I can't believe I've been to Gatlinburg so many times and never knew these tours were a thing! I definitely will check them out the next time I go!

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