Fourth of July weekend, 2021, is shaping up to be one of the best holiday weekends ever. The weather is going to be absolutely perfect, things have opened back up, restrictions have been lifted, and people are ready to get out and celebrate. What would make this weekend even more perfect would be if I'm able to go on the air Tuesday morning and report that there were no arrests, or more importantly, no deaths because of drunk driving. Wouldn't that just be amazing? Logan's Promise is doing its part to make that a reality by offering another Safe Ride Program this weekend - now it's up to you.

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The folks at Logan's Promise aren't dumb or naive, they understand that people are going to go out and have some drinks over the weekend - no one is saying you can't or shouldn't do that. They just want you to make the smart decision when it's time to go home, and NOT drive if you have been drinking. To make that decision even easier, Logan's Promise is willing to pay for your ride home. There is really no excuse at all for not getting home safe and sound this weekend.

How the Safe Ride Program Works

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 2nd, 3rd and 4th) from 8pm-3am, anyone needing a lift can get one from LYFT by using the code SAFEJULY2021. Using that code will get you a ride home (up to $25) in Vanderburgh, Gibson, Warrick, and Posey county. Thanks to generous sponsors like DynaFab, all of those rides are available to you free of charge.

Sponsor a Free Ride Weekend or Volunteer for an Event

Charles Brown is the founder of Logan's Promise and a regular guest on the MY Morning Show. We had him on this morning to tell us more about what's happening with the organization, how businesses can't get involved with the Safe Ride Program, and how folks can volunteer to help at upcoming events. One event in particular that they still need volunteers for is Frog Follies coming up at the end of August. Take a listen to our conversation with Charles, and then get involved however you can.

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