The Hilltop Inn on Evansville's west side is getting national attention thanks to the Food Network and their United Plates of America list! 

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Food Network knows that when you visit a new state, you should try something local to really get a feel for that area. They recently created a list of the "best food in America" breaking it down state by state, and name the most iconic and quintessential foods in that state that you HAVE to try!

Of course it should come as no surprise that when highlighting the best of the best in Indiana, brain sandwiches made the list! The Hilltop Inn is known for their legendary brain sandwich, and that's why the Food Network chose them to be a part of their best foods in America list!

Here's what Food Network had to say about Hilltop Inn's brain sandwich:

Before you get too grossed out, keep in mind that fried brain really isn’t common anymore. But it is authentic. The brain sandwich came to the Evansville area with German immigrants, and was once served in taverns and small-town diners around the area. Few places offer it today; those that do use pork brains rather than beef. The Hilltop Inn still proudly serves its jumbo fried-brain sandwich to longtime local fans and curious tourists alike.

Congratulations Hilltop Inn!

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