Who remembers the Pine-Sol Lady? Well, the product she pedaled for years as powerful is getting a new use, an alternative for coronavirus disinfection on surfaces.

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved Pine-Sol's original cleaner as a product that can kill coronavirus on frequently used surfaces. You may have noticed, many cleaning products, unless you hit the store on a delivery day, disinfectant wipes are still hard to find. Thus Pine-Sol could work in a pinch.

The Clorox Company said customers should apply full-strength Pine-Sol to nonporous hard surfaces with a clean sponge or cloth, wait 10 minutes, then rinse. The EPA has approved 36 cleaning products to use as a disinfectant for coronavirus cleaning.

By the way, Clorox has stated due to the overwhelming demand for their particular bleach and products, the company will continue to see a shortage of wipes and other products into next year.

HERE is a list of the EPA-approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

Another reminder, if you use Pine-Sol, make sure your cats and/or dogs do not ingest the product, and if they walk across your mopped floor, it's best to try and clean their paws off.

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