So, who has watched any Major League Baseball during our new normal? Things are different, but really only in the sense of not having fans there, not physically anyway. However, creativity has brought a new type of fan to the ball park, the cardboard one.

Some parks have real cutouts, some use a little trickery, virtual fans when it comes to games that air on TV. Yes, the crowd noise is there, piped in to make the players a little more at home. I'm not a fan of it, especially when you accidentally see shots of no one in the stands. But the cutouts are hilarious.

Just this morning, I saw this one on Twitter and I'm sorry, it wins everything.


Bernie Lomax can't seem to get any rest since were first saw him trotted across the screen, literally, in the 1989 classic Weekend at Bernie's. 

Bravo to the crew at Kaufmann Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. By the way, the Royals routed the visiting Chicago Cubs on Thursday night, 13-2. Is Bernie the key to a winning season?

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