by Candice Perry
Albion Fellows Bacon Center

We gathered together to honor, to support, to shed light and to inform at the candlelight vigil held June 19th at the Four Freedoms Monument.

Everyday, victims survive in isolated silence. Countless victims experience varying levels of physical violence as well as other forms of emotional, economic, psychological and sexual abuse. Horrific and tragic events force us to take a look at our community’s responsibility; for this is not a private issue occurring behind closed doors, it spills out into our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our everyday lives.

We, as a community are outraged and saddened by the loss of recent weeks. We stand committed to this cause and those it touches. We are committed to hold accountable those systems that enabled the violence, and examine and remove those barriers that the victim likely faced in getting out of the violent situation.

We must be better informed about the services available, the dynamics of domestic violence and the barriers that exist.
We want no one to wonder where to go for assistance.

As we continue our journey, let us be reflective. Let us be inspired. Let us build upon that which we have learned. Let us be purposeful. Be an advocate, be a survivor, join us in this mission. Take the time to get informed. Share it; share it with your employer, your co-worker, your place of worship, your day care. For it has been said, “you may choose to turn your head away, but from this moment forward, you can no longer say ‘I did not know."