Since 1981, Albion Fellows Bacon Center has been a safe place for victims of domestic and sexual violence. They serve 11 counties throughout Southern Indiana, providing a number of different services, including a 24-hour crisis hotline, an emergency shelter, along with programs and workshops that help educate, advocate, and hopefully prevent instances of violence. Now, you can add one more service to that list. Albion Fellows Bacon Center wants to feed those they serve - actually, they are hoping YOU will help feed those they serve.

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Meal Train Monday

When victims of domestic and sexual violence come to Albion Fellows Bacon Center, they are going through some of the scariest experiences in their life. I would imagine that in many cases, due to the nature of the abuse, they are fleeing their situation very quickly, arriving with nothing more than what they can carry. I would also imagine that in those situations, a warm nutritious meal would be a welcome sight to these victims and their families. Now, imagine that you had something to do with providing those meals. You have the opportunity to do just that with Meal Train Monday.

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How Can I Get On Board?

Albion Fellows Bacon Center is looking for teams to provide dinner and a dessert (to feed up to 15 people) at the shelter on their choice of a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. You can visit to see what dates are available, and to see what other volunteers are planning to cook. Sign up for Meal Train Monday here.

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Can I Help in Another Way?

Yep, you sure can. If you recognize that your skill set does NOT involve a kitchen and serving food to other human beings, there is another easy way you can help these families. Dig deep into your pockets and make a monetary donation that will allow Albion Fellows Bacon Center to keep its pantry stocked with healthy food. Donate online here. Maybe you don't have any extra money to donate, I can certainly understand that - but do you have any time you can donate? Volunteers are needed at the shelter. Learn more about that here.

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