Phone scams are on the rise in the Evansville area and the Evansville Police Department wants you to be aware of what's going on.

The Evansville Police Department announced an influx of phone scams in the area. In a release from the EPD today, they warn of such scams and want you to help spread the word that these are going on. You and I have both received several scam calls. Some are pretty easy to identify, while others might sound more legit.

According to the post made by the Evansville Police Department, examples of these scams include a pre-recorded message saying that "Social Security as suspended your number and ignoring the phone call will be an intentional attempt to avoid an initial appearance before a magistrate judge or grand jury."

Another scam that they mentioned is one that is an attempt to "collect on warrants" and "that they have evidence that your or your car has been involved in a crime in another state."

Now, we all know that these scam calls won't be going away any time soon. Elderly people are at a higher risk of falling victim to these scams, especially now that some scammers are able to mask their numbers to appear like a local caller, and in some cases have appeared as the Evansville Police Department's phone number. These scammers can sound very legitimate and also be persuasive to give victims to give up their personal information.

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That's why the EPD is asking for your help in the fight against scammers. They're everyone to reach out to neighbors, friends, and family members to warn them of these scams. Even to offer to be someone they can reach out to if they receive these calls and assist them in finding if the information is factual before allowing them to fall victim. The post also offers a few tips in the event that you feel like you may have received such a call:

  • Let any unknown numbers go to voicemail.
  • Never give personal information to someone over the phone.
  • Call EPD at 812-436-7896 to confirm or deny any warrants.
  • You can also report fraudulent scam calls to the Attorney General's Office at 800-382-5516.

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