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When it comes to love, there is no limit or boundaries. Love is a feeling that unites all of us. Love moves mountains with its strength and ignites creativity with its passion. A love that endures and survives the tests of time, is one of the most beautiful things that God ever created.

A friend sent me the link to photos she found on Facebook. The images brought tears to my eyes because of the real and pure magic that the photos display. The magic comes from sharing a life with all of the happiness, pain, good times, and disappointments that go with sharing almost an entire lifetime with another person. Every line on their faces reflects shared smiles and tears. Their laughter comes from a place of understanding, security, and comfort.

Meet Thane and Melva.

Sweet Photoshoot Shows Love Never Ages

See below for more of their sweet photos and read the entire story of Thane and Melva. The photographer who took the photos, with Iron Rose Photography, happens to be the couple's incredibly talented granddaughter.

When I read the story of Thane and Melva, it makes me think of my own parents, grandparents, and even my own marriage. Every marriage has its own story; a story that begins with two strangers meeting, eventually falling in love, and making a decision to be together for life. When you find your person, it's a wonderful feeling.

Thane and Melva's lifetime relationship is an example of how much joy and happiness marriage can bring when two individual people become one for life.

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