This morning, my daughter was headed out the door to school and I told her to remember to wear tennis shoes because it's gym day. She was like yep, got them. But we always just play outside for gym so it doesn't really matter.

Playing outside on the playground. Or YOGA! One of the cool moms goes in and teaches them yoga! Not once have I heard her griping about endless miles of running or ferocious games that end in black eyes and defeat! It got me thinking about all of the things we were subjected to in gym class. It's not fair I tell you, it's not fair!

Ms. Miller was my gym teacher at Masonville Elementary. She was a really nice lady but oh how I hated some of the lessons she taught us. No pain, no gain, Ashley! Your ankle isn't broken - keep going, Ashley! EARN that spot on the wall, ASHLEY!

My least favorite day was the annual Run for the Roses race. We'd start off like a bunch of thoroughbreds in the paddock. The whistle would blow and we'd be OFF to race around the baseball diamonds - through mud and sand and whatever other obstacles we faced. People like Meredith Berry and Bobbi Newsock always competed for first. They were athletes. I hobbled along behind. My motto is: unless a serial killer is chasing me, I ain't runnin' NOwhere mmmk? I don't think I ever came in dead last but I can assure you I never placed.

I'm happy to report that I never grew out of my disdain for fitness. I literally ran my elliptical to death recently but I can also assure you that the ONLY way I can convince myself to use it is to put a really really REALLY good show on TV and ONLY watch it when I'm ellipticalling my behind off (literally). Right now it's Bridgerton. Holy cannoli with that one, amiright?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to reminisce and think back to the good old days of 1980s gym class...

Relive 1980s Elementary School Gym Class

If you are a Generation X or Millenial like me, you likely have some strong memories of gym class. Either you loved it or hated it. I made some fun memories and built character and muscle, but I'm really glad I never have to go back and face some of these things again! And I know my teachers did their best to make gym enjoyable and teach us life skills. They succeeded - this is all in good fun. And, hopefully, future generations will get to thoroughly enjoy some of these as much as I did!


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