Dogs are amazing. There have been many times, I often feel like my dogs are really trying to communicate with me. It’s like they don’t understand why I don’t understand what they’re saying to me. Once you’ve lived with a dog long enough, it’s like you can even hear different sounds and words in their bark.

Bane, an incredibly handsome and dramatic dog, is a part of my friend TJ’s family. I’m telling you, Bane is very social and defiantly tries to get his post across. He will often argue and get very frustrated when he dent; get his way. Bane has been known to pout on occasion.

TJ posted a video of Bane begging her to let him go outside. In the video, he's very irritated when, after a 6 hour debate, she will not let him go outside. Apparently, he doesn’t just want to go outside to do his business or get some fresh air. Bane has a rabbit on the brain. You can tell by the look on his face, he really wants to chase that rabbit. Even though it was raining, he’s not gonna let anything stop him from getting outside.

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It's hilarious the way TJ and Bane go back and forth. He acts like a teenager when he doesn't get his way.


TJ gave me a little info about her incredible dog.

Bane is 6 years old...he is always in a good mood and will holler and scream if he doesn't get his way. We have to keep the window blinds in the living room raised when we are gone during the day because he is so social he loves to talk to people who are taking their daily walks in our neighborhood. People actually will stop and wave at him.

I love Bane! I think you can expect to see many more videos about the adventures of this guy.

Here is another one of my favorite dogs in the Tristate, Tank.


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