Becoming an empty nester can be a very confusing time in a marriage or relationship. Once your last child moves out to start living their adult life, everything changes for them and for you. A range of emotions comes flooding into your heart. You are sad for a precious time that has passed and thrilled for the possibilities that the newfound freedom might bring to your normal routine. It also brings the possibility of focusing your partner, for the first time in forever, into view.

Although my youngest son hasn't left the nest yet, my husband and I, since we hardly ever see him, have gotten a glimpse of what life might be like when he decides to go pursue his dreams. For the most part, we like it. Never have we ever been able to spend so much time together. There is no more driving to practices or games every night. Life has slowed down and we can spend our time however we want.

Now, empty nesting does take some adjusting. Being alone, together, so much can be a double edge sword. Suddenly, you are face to face with nothing to do. Well, there are things you can be doing...(insert big smile). I'm already chasing my hubby around the dining room table while wearing as much or as little as I like because there is nobly there to see us. It's fun. ;-)

But, sometimes you find that the two of you don't really know each other. My ex-in-laws went on several couple retreats, once all of their kids moved out, just to try and connect again like they did before they had kids. It worked out beautifully for them and I've never seen two people ore in love.

For the most part, moms and dads miss their kids and time that moved by way too fast, but they also have fun reconnecting as husband and wife. Individually, new hobbies, interests, careers, and businesses can begin because you are the master of your own time, for the first time in a long time.

There is definitely a reason to celebrate, through your parental tears, have a good time, and live a little. Just like this couple who did a hilarious parody photoshoot with Bee Photography, that every empty nest couple can relate to.  It's the opposite of the baby reveal photoshoots and videos. Take a look

@beephotographyWhen all the kids finally move out. #beephotography#fyp#fypシ#emptynesters#fthemkids♬ Big Poppa (2007 Remaster) - The Notorious B.I.G.
Here are the hilarious and amazing photos.

Empty Nester Photoshoot Is Hilarious Look At What Happens When The Kids Move Out

Empty nesting has never looked so much fun.

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