Another Evansville business has closed its doors for good today.

We have seen a lot of businesses forced to close permanently over the past year. Many business owners have struggled with keeping their doors open throughout the pandemic. Whether it be because of being forced to not have in-person dining at the start of the pandemic, product shortages, or more recently labor shortages. The labor shortages have been a topic of conversation over the past several months. You would be hard-pressed to not drive down the road and not see a help wanted sign at many businesses. A company can only go so long without adequate help before it's forced to make a tough decision.

One Evansville business just had to make that tough decision. Spudz-N-Stuff announced on social media that they have closed both locations today, after thirteen years in business. As you know, Spudz-N-Stuff was home to a variety of specialty baked potatoes and other items that were all delicious. They had several locations in Evansville and one in Newburgh at one point. The last two remaining locations were on Washington Avenue on Evansville's east side and Boonville New Harmony Road on the north side.

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Both Spudz-N-Stuff locations in Evansville are permanently closed as of today and their websites are no longer operational. Their Facebook page is still active, however, it does say that the business is permanently closed. The company released a statement regarding the closure on Facebook today which you can read by clicking here.

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