It's almost that time of year where we'll be seeing haunted houses pop up and open for the season.  We've got a lot of great ones around the Tri-State area, but how many are in each of our states exactly? has come up with a map of all the haunted houses in the U.S. so that way you can plan ahead for haunting season to hit up as many as your spooky heart desires.

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So here are how many haunted houses operate in each state in the Tri-State:

  • Indiana-85
  • Illinois- 93
  • Kentucky-59

That's a whole lot of haunted houses to hit up! If you check out they have a really cool interactive map where you can find the haunts closest to you. When I zoomed into the Tri-State area for Indiana the 3 haunts here are the Newburgh Civitan Zombie Farm, The Olde Courthouse Catacombs and House of Lecter, and Nightmare on Eastbrooke (which is a really awesome home haunt that goes all out every year and raises donations for the Tri-State Food Bank).

It's really cool to see a visual of exactly how many haunted houses are in our states. It really makes me want to drive over to Louisville in October, as there are a TON of haunts around Louisville.  That's one of my favorite things about living in the Tri-State is we're so close to bigger cities that we are just a short drive away from places like Louisville, or Indianapolis, or Nashville, which all no doubt have a ton of Halloween haunts each year.

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