In an announcement made in March of 2017 on the Dunkin' Donuts blog, Dunkin' Donuts has made a move to officially cut out artificial dyes from all of its doughnuts served at every United States location. In the blog posting, the company writes:

Within the next two years, all your Dunkin’ favorites will contain only colors from natural sources – including donut icings, fillings and toppings, beverages such as Fruit Smoothies and COOLATTA® frozen drinks, baked goods, breakfast sandwiches and coffee flavorings. But don’t worry, our product development teams are hard at work to ensure you will still enjoy the same great taste you know and love.

It has been confirmed that artificial dyes have been removed from all of their doughnuts at every U.S location (including the Owensboro location) which is well ahead of their original schedule for artificial dye removal. It looks like they're wanting to get a head start on their promise to use and promote cleaner ingredients in their products. The company hopes to be artificial free by the end of 2018.

Additionally, the company also has reduced its menu citing simplification as the reason for giving many of its food options the ax. Here are the foods that will be discontinued starting in the Northeastern United States today:

  • Ham and cheddar sandwich
  • Tuna salad sandwich
  • Chicken salad sandwich
  • Turkey cheddar bacon sandwich
  • Big n’ toasted breakfast sandwich
  • Angus steak and egg breakfast sandwich
  • Strawberry banana and tropical mango smoothies
  • Peach, caramel, and mocha flavor shots
  • Flatbread items
  • TBA optional muffin, bagel, and cream cheese selections
  • These removals will eventually be happening at Dunkin' Donuts locations nationwide through 2018. Did your favorite items make the cut?

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