This fella had it all figured out as he walked into a Kwik Trip convenience store in Marshfield, Wisconsin. It was almost closing time and when he walked into the beer cooler, the door locked behind him. Oh, darn. WashPost

“We never had somebody accidentally locked in a place and not make any attempt to be rescued or get out because they’re satisfied with the circumstances." - Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza

Van Ert found himself trapped, locked inside a walk-in cooler at his local gas station and didn't freak, he sat back and enjoyed it.

“He just decided to run it out for the night. It had everything that he needed.” - Marshfield Police Chief Rick Gramza

So what kind of damage did Van Ert do? Locked in a beer cooler all night long, what are we thinking...a case of beer, case and a half??

Six hours

  • One 18-ounce Icehouse beer
  • Three cans of Four Loko

Are you serious? That's it? Save the 18-oz can to pee and then pass out? Anyway, this is hilarious!

There was some "damage" as Van Ert knocked over some 30-packs of Busch Light, damaging the cases. Once employees arrived in the morning, unlocked the door...he ran out of the store.

Of course, police caught up with him and arrested Van Ert. He was busted for retail theft.

Seriously if you are gonna be trapped somewhere, locked up and not able to get out...a walk-in beer cooler, not a bad spot.

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