I never knew this kind of thing was even possible. A Missouri family learned that their home had been stolen. Yes, someone stole their house.

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WHNT shared the story of Linda Peak who lived in the home left to her and her brothers and sister by her parents at 8303 Brooklyn Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. They were trying to sell the home when they found out it had already been sold by someone else who had allegedly created a false deed.

The amazing thing is home theft with false deeds isn't that uncommon. Deeds.com has details on how this scam works:

Many fraudulent deeds contain one or more forged details. The grantor or an authorized representative must sign all real property deeds, so a "false document" may be a new transfer with a non-authentic signature. A signer may pose as the property owner and sign the deed in front of a notary. Others may use a completely made-up name or identify themselves as the owner's personal representative.

Sadly for Linda Peak and her family, they're headed to court in the hopes that an attorney can prove they really do own their parent's home. It's pathetic to think that there are humans who would attempt to steal the home right out from under you, but that's happened here and will almost certainly happen again.

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