It doesn't look like much when you drive by it, but the truth is there is an exotic doomsday bunker that's available under Missouri kind of in the middle of nowhere.

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This real estate gem is available through 20th Century Castles on Missile It's located near Polo, Missouri with a mammoth population of just over 340. Here's a snippet of how they describe the place:

KC, MO Area: $699,000.00 or OBO
Hardened Underground Bunker-Home on 10.5 acres/ml. A 1960s nuclear war-proof communication center, 10,700 sq. ft of usable floor space and can easily be expanded to much more, 2 ft thick concrete walls and ceilings, 3-4 ft of graded earth over the top, copper shielding against EMP, 2- 2,000 lb blast doors, 8 air vents with filtration and blast valve closure mechanisms. Water well on site with a new pump, 10,000 gallon underground stainless steel water storage tank, Aquasana Water Filtration System, escape hatch emergency exit, 177 ft tower that can be used for Hamm Radio or even possible cell tower. Lighting, pumps, heating, dehumidification and electric hoist operational. New water pipes and new aluminum roof on entry building.

The decorations chosen for this "oh wow it's the end of the world" place are...unique.

See Inside an Exotic Doomsday Bunker Available Under Missouri

It seems like they've thought of everything here. All that copper shielding would be handy in the event of an EMP attack and/or the residuals of a nuke. It's worth noting that Polo is to the northeast of the Kansas City metro area since I know what happened to that city in the movie The Day After. You don't want to be above ground if the you-know-what hits the fan.

What's the cost to survive the end of days? As of this writing, the asking price is $699,000 (or best offer). I'm guessing a 30 year mortgage wouldn't be offered since you'd likely want your cash up front before the missiles fly, right?

Midwest Mansion Hides a 5000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker Under It

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