Attention, Missouri dads. The bar has just been raised. A new video shows how one Missouri man made a toy race car for his daughter and it's...quite exotic.

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I saw this fun moment shared today out of Kansas City on Rumble with the following explanation:

Roman 2-year-old brother chasing the Bugatti, Nina just turned 1 and is the girl riding in the car. Filmed by Alex (mother) located in Kansas City, MO. Their dad did a battery swap to make the car extra fast which made it so much fun!

The sad fact is the toy Bugatti likely beats my current family vehicle in a hundred yard dash.

If you see this and think you need to create a European supercar for your child, I did find 3 different models on Amazon that will run you a few hundred dollars. Swapping out the battery like the above dad did to add extra juice will cost you extra.

A few months ago, I was trying to convince my kids that Lincoln Logs were great. After they see this, it will be impossible to make that case. We need to have a convention of dads and agree to a certain level of entertainment so poorer fathers like me can keep up.

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